About Me:

I live with my husband, Joshua, and son, Joseph, in South Bend, and I am passionate about serving South Bend.

To me, service means trust. I believe that trust is earned by listening, acknowledging, and follow-through. I don’t expect the trust of the citizens of South Bend, I intend to earn it.

I believe that service means showing up. Service means being available. Service means being accessible.

I believe that service means advocating. As the stay-at-home father of a son with special needs, I know what it is to be an advocate, advocating for my son every single day. I know first hand that advocating for somebody takes an incredible amount of patience and follow-through. Advocating means asking for help when you need it or when you don’t have the answer. Advocating can be long and exhausting, and the change or solution is sometimes small and incremental, but although the gratification isn’t always instant, it is always worth the hard work and effort. I am ready to put in that hard work and effort.

As a proud Democrat, I know that diversity is our community’s strength and that looking at life through other people’s eyes will make us stronger. I believe that everybody deserves a seat at ‘the table,’ not just the rich and powerful. I know that children and adults should feel safe when going to school, go to work, and walk through their neighborhoods. I serve on the Executive Board of the St. Joseph County Young Democrats as their treasurer.

I am ready to serve South Bend with: