My name is Alex Giorgio-Rubin, and I am running for South Bend Common Council at Large.

I am a gay, married man, living in a Jewish household, raising a Brown son who is on the Autism spectrum. I come from the state that produced Mike Pence. I come from the state that made national headlines because of a bill that would allow businesses to discriminate based on sexual orientation. I think it’s fair to say that the cards are stacked against my family and many, many other families like mine. We live in a country whose president is a self-professed nationalist. Going into the 2016 election, I was sure people wouldn’t let this happen. I was sure that they wouldn’t allow President Obama’s eight years of progress to be stripped away piece by piece. I was sure that they would protect families like mine.

When Hillary Rodham Clinton was not elected our 45th president, I wondered where they were. It was then I realized that they are me. I am they.

This was when I received the calling to public service, to help make my community, the City of South Bend, the most welcoming, prosperous place it can be. I want ensure families like yours and families like mine can feel safe. I want to work for a better South Bend, while preserving the tremendous progress we have already made. Forget about trickle-down. Progressive politics start at home and shoot up to the top, like a geyser. Please join me, and let’s put Old Faithful to shame.

I wish that I could knock on every single door in South Bend, but in a city with over 100,000 people, that is not possible. Still, I want to reach every citizen in town. This means yard signs, mailers, hosting a website, and hosting events. Unfortunately, as we all know, all these things cost money. And while I wish that I could pay for these things with my enthusiasm and passion for service, I can’t.